Project Improving Disaster Risk Management


Funding: World Bank/ Government of Japan Policy Human Resource Development Fund Grant
Total: $US1.365 Million
Duration:      2013-2014
Objective of the project
The objective of the project is to develop strategy on flood risk management until 2023 and supply required equipments in order to prevent residents of Ulaanbaatar city flood.
Strategy on flood risk management till 2023 will be developed with detailed risk assessment and risk mapping.  
Database for areas with danger and probability of flood will be developed as using geographic information system. Equipments to be used during flood disaster will be supplied.  
Related professionals will be included in international study tours.

Participation of stakeholders
* Mayor’s office – Organization and management of project in general
* Mayor’s office – Department of engineering -  Provide information about planning, aging, capacity and features of flood protection drainages that shall be required to develop strategy on flood risk management of Ulaanbaatar city.
* Department of master planning, municipality  - Link development of strategy on flood risk management and database for geographical information with need and planning of municipality
* Department of emergency management, municipality  – Provide professional assistance for implementation of project in area of flood risk management
* Hydro metrological Institute– Provide information about frequency of flood, scope, amount of precipitation
* Project Management Unit – Implementation of project, organizing meetings, conferences, reporting and informing

* Finalized and approved strategy on flood risk management till 2023 and flood risk mapping
* Integrated database on flood will help to prevent from possible flood and simplify access of data to be used in related study  
* Improved access of equipments and capacity of human resource during flood at Department of Emergency Management, Capital city.   
* Improved access of integrated and logical investment for prevention of flood