Summary of project activities “Community led infrastructure”


1.    Community activities
Different meetings, discussions, exhibitions, entertainment activities, campaigns were organized in order to improve the cooperation, communication with community groups from the project side and as well as to strengthen their capacity building to ensure sustainable activity and further development of the groups. 2988 residents were participated in the 8 community events.

2.    Construction
Last year project has constructed 35 micro infrastructure for 8 different types at 23 khoroos in mid-tier ger areas of 6 districts in center of Ulaanbaatar city with support of professional institutions and community groups.

3.    Community cleaning 
Our community groups have great tradition to lead residents in the streets and khoroo for community cleaning  organized by districts, khoroos and Municipality of Ulaanbaatar. 577 residents of 40 groups have attended for community cleaning in autumn and spring, 2012 organized by Municipality of Ulaanbaatar, have cleaned the accumulated waste and landscape of the capital city.

4.    Training

408 residents have attended in training for 48 hours in order to strengthen organization and friendship of community initiative groups.

5. Temporary employment  
Project has provided temporary employment  for 532 residents at mid-tier ger areas of capital city and increased their family income.

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