Ger area residents have an access to convenient tap water service


His name is Bold and he lives with his wife and 3 children in khoroo No.17 of Sukhbaatar district of Ulaanbaatar. His daily work makes him busier, however his hardworking three children does the most difficult job, that is fetching the water by visiting the street full of grey water. Having adequate water at home made more easy access to prepare the meal.

“It is quite challenging to climbing the slippery icy road to take the water to home.” Middle son of G. Bold

They have various vegetables planted in their plot and which activity requires a large amount of water. Generally, the water demand increases even more to make the home tidy or wash the clothes, and so the frequency of visiting the kiosks keeps increasing. They also face the problem that is where to dispose those used water, and they would not dispose it to the pit-latrine toilet because it fills so quickly. So, they have only way to discharge the used water to the street, hiding from other people’s eyes. In some cases, other people witnessed their actions, however they get used of such bad habit. Such days go by and their street is keeping untidy. During winter time, the disposed grey water on the street become slippery ice and on which surface the walking or traveling by the cars face much difficulties. Emergency aid truck or fire fighting trucks would never be able to reach the far end part of the street. As spring coming, everywhere is becoming pleasantly green and full of grass and flowers, however our street become even more untidy and everywhere there is bad smelling and melting grey water in my street during spring time. The street dirt make ger residents’ clothes dusty and dirty and the most critical problem is the outbreak of intestinal and contagious diseases.

“Ground contamination of UB ger area is 10-14 times higher than normal level.” Ts. Batdorj, Mongolian Consulting Engineer

You can easily see the typical lifestyle of ger area households from above case. The pilot project for “households connection to water supply and sewerage system and treating of effluent water at the waste water treatment plant for absorbing the treated water in nature” was the solution coming from multi side studies.
USIP2 project has successfully completed the connection of 96 houses and 8 organizations in khoroo 17 of Sukhbaatar district to water supply network, based on the selection of the location on below criteria. The location selection criteria were the whether the area is included in future settlement development zone for conversion to apartment area, the area is close to the existing water system network, do the households live there for long term, whether they constructed the houses themselves, are households financial capability high enough and do institutions’ water consumption high enough etc. (covered area size -8600 m2, connected households-96, connected institutions-8 (school, kindergarten, family hospital, khoroo, fire fighting etc) water consumption-96 liter/person/day, water main pipe -4607m (DN110, 63, 25) sewerage pipe -2390m (DN310, 225, 110) treatment plant capacity -100m3/day)

“This is a pilot demonstration for ger area development conversion to apartment area and one of the model of urban development context”. Ch. Bat, General Manager of Ulaanbaatar and Chairman of Governor’s Office.

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